||  a few of my favorite things  ||


I am 100% a book nerd. I buy more even when I have a stack at home waiting to be read...it's a serious addiction :)

I'm a huge animal lover and have worked/volunteered at many shelters/humane societies in the past! Currently I have a hedgie companion named Hemingway.

I got my first tattoo in 2013 & now I'm hooked! I currently have 7 with plans for more :)


My favorite coffee houses in STL are Rise & Sump. Hanging out there with my laptop is my happy place!

I love travelling & Nashville is one of my absolute favorite cities to visit! Crema Coffee, Barista Parlor, Mas Tacos, Parlour & Juke, Marathon Music Works, and Local Honey are some of my fav spots.

Warm weather is my favorite, I despise winter! I feel like I belong near the ocean and hopefully one day that will come true.

And last but not least...MUSIC! I am very passionate about music and you can find me at a show at least once a week. One of my favorite memories as a concert photographer was getting to cover Tom Petty's show in Nashville in 2014. Tom is basically my hero! Seriously a dream come true.